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Tel Aviv

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From north to south, opt for a walk, bike, scoot & more. Tel Aviv’s grid makes it easily accessible for pedestrians, bikers, scooters, motorbikes, cars and everything in between to live on the street. You’ll catch rabbis on rollerblades, mopeds whizzing by with dog their dogs in tow, over-confident skaters weaving in and out of traffic and even speedy motorcyclists with sidecars. With that said, traffic can be infuriating (although nothing like Sao Paulo or Los Angeles) and a steady simmer of impatience and heedlessness sprinkled with a spicy dash of aggression can make the streets a battleground. If you easily throw caution to the wind, you will have no fear on Tel Aviv’s streets.
For everyone else, stick to traipsing the sidewalks and alleyways, where you’ll be treated to welcoming smiles from local vendors, colorful people-watching, delicious smells wafting in and out of street food eateries, and vibrant swatches of street art to dissect up close.
The city has designated parking areas for scooters available by various different companies. Look for stations filled with “Lime”, “Wind”, “Bird” and “Telobike” – all great, green and economical options if you need to zip to and fro on a minute’s notice. The municipality also offers 75 bright green Tel-O-Fun bike stations across the city, which is a Tel Aviv bike share program that enables riders to pick-up and drop-off a bicycle as needed (the same format at the scooters). For buses, the Moovit app is helpful for timetables and bus stop locations and Gett Taxi is the Israeli answer to Uber. 
Whatever your preference for transport, the city’s beach promenade is a must-see for fresh air and local vibes. Pop into one of the seaside eateries, order a cold coffee or local beer (Goldstar or Maccabi) and revel in the moment.