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Tel Aviv

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The area surrounding ISLA is a hotbed for established and up-and-coming restaurants, independent boutiques, a happening nightlife scene and easy-access transportation in all directions of the city. The entirely walkable (and cyclable) grid makes for a seamless axis for transport across Tel Aviv. While strolling around, you’ll find an awe-inspiring mix of the largest number of Bauhaus buildings in the world; part of a progressively changing skyline of dilapidated facades of Tel Aviv’s past side-by-side with sleek, modern structures.
Just footsteps away, Allenby Street is the main thoroughfare for cars, cabs and monit sherut (small yellow busses that are also public transportation and run every 6-10 minutes) on both ends of the street and to the northern and southern ends of the city. Also, within a mere 5-minute walk, find yourself on Rothschild Boulevard or Sheinkin Street, both popular areas for strolling and cultural happenings, as well as perpendicular streets that intersect, funneling into Habima Square, which is known as a meeting place in the city. Its sunken garden is a serene outdoor area, filled with kids frolicking in the flowers and classical music streaming from the hidden speakers of the tiered community park.
ISLA’s neighborhood is also considered a significant contribution to the making of Tel Aviv’s ‘White City‘, renowned for its UNESCO-recognized World Cultural Heritage Site of over 4,000 Bauhaus and International Style buildings from the 1930s. Rothschild Boulevard itself is a landmark for protests, parades and people-watching. Pop a squat on a nearby bench and take in the eye-popping blend of locals – from grungy skater kids to coiffed fashion mavens and flip-flopped Start Up visionaries.