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Tel Aviv

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Where to walk after-hours and take in the energy of the night. When the moon shines in through the tops of the Bauhaus buildings and evening revellers head out to their nightly haunts, Tel Aviv is so vibrant, it is hard to contain itself. People flood out onto the streets, waiting in lines that turn into their very own parties, and walking around the city, checking into various hotspots is as fun as sitting at a quiet, neighborhood bar and drinking in the people along with your arak-limon. There is no right or wrong way to experience Tel Aviv at night because the options are endless and so many different preferences are available accordingly. For those who want to get a taste of the area surrounding ISLA, which is literally one of the most authentic nightlife neighborhoods in the city, all you have to do is walk outside to Allenby Street and follow the music and rumblings straight to the enclave of Har Sinai – where bars and restaurants flow into one another and night owls arrive to stay a while. It is definitely one of the places to see in Tel Aviv at night. From there, the neighboring streets of Ahad Ha’am, Lillienblum and Rothschild are strewn with places that light up by night and even just walking in the area is a sight to be seen. The streets are filled with people and the hum of excitement.
To drink the night away, there are bracelet bars with unlimited alcohol and pounding music; dance clubs with a range of playlists and some weekly themed nights (for music lovers of certain decades or even strictly just Britney Spears); artisanal cocktail bars with signature drinks; and hole-in-the-wall pubs where everybody knows your name.